Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Talking/ Dancing/Settling/ Dancing/ Talking

Good news on the phone - I will not have to get a new number or buy phone cards, so if you want to call, you can plan on calling my regular number and not getting charged extra. Yay!

We (family) are getting a US/ Canada plan. The only hitch is that the phone had to be programmed in the US to work on the plan, so now my parents have to use one of their upgrades to get me a new phone, program it with the correct stuff and my number, and send it up to me via mail (all while the phone I have here does not work for a few days, as the number will have been programmed into a new phone. Its better than me sending down the phone I have now (which would have been an option), which would take about 15 days. Er. It seems that absolutely nothing can be as simple as I had hoped! But it still certainly is nice that I can keep the same number, and communicate from it as normal. Should be up and functioning correcty by next week at this time.

y classes yesterday and today have been awesome, but I am so exhausted. When I was in school, I was dancing this much and going to regular classes, so I know I can do it, I just need to get used to it again. I took a West African class last night, and now my neck is sooo sore! So far I have had jazz, ballet, tap, west african and hip hop, and tonight I will have modern and some more tap. I will be dancing three hours Tuesday through Friday mornings, and three hours Monday through Thursday nights. I am hoping to find work on the weekends, and friday night. Off to more dancin...

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