Sunday, March 17, 2013

Body Awake

Body awake. Wanting to write. The thin balance between anticipation and allowance of letting the time slip away. This is something that has been and is always on my mind. Anticipation is a fresh, sticky feeling that has it's addictive qualities, and can meddle too much with a persons ability to be in the moment,

Being there has always been challenge enough for me, even without the anticipation drug. It feels like one I can't regulate. Is it one I should regulate? It seems the only regulation is silent mental conversations. Thats like I talk to myself. Well, not out loud anyway. Is there really anyone who DOESN'T dialogue with themselves in their own head every once in awhile? Or every day?..... :)

Future thoughts and leave-behinds. They are mix together to create a fizzy seltzer that I definitely want to keep drinking.