Monday, February 26, 2018


I think there is a major difference between "settling" and "finding flow."

Flow changes direction, but does so in a steady way. "Shift" almost sounded too stilted, like 'making something happen.' Groove sometimes feels like it can imply a sense of comfort, which is good in the right amount. Comfort, without complacency. Flow.

No wonder there is thing called "the flow arts."

Motion, groove, direction change with a sense of steadiness.

Being able to find balanced footing on the deck of the ship, no matter how the tides turn or the ship is chosen to turn.


Sunday, February 4, 2018

NYI February Check-In

Vitality/ Presence
Purpose/ Intentionality
Contribution/ Embodiment


Presence (Groove/ Connection/ Responsiveness/ Playfulness)
Intentionality (Genuineness/ Curiosity/ Kindess/ Simplicity)
Embodiment (Reflection)

Desired Experiences:
social dancing - swing and house
live music
tap classes
African dance classes
research & performance-reflective writing
physicality every day

I can direct myself more carefully when it comes to several of the above: I intend to go swing and house when Contempo rehearsals are over. And I need to hold myself to that! I just reached out to friends about which live music alert systems they use, so I'm working to better my awareness with that. I intend to get going on class better also, now that my extraneous teaching obligations are over. That said, the classes I want to attend are often at night . . . a good excuse. Whitney often has Saturday classes, and I need to haul ass to those.

Cooking is going ok. I do want to hold my flame more carefully with research (social dance - what does it look like today?!) and writing after I see shows. And yes, physicality every day. I DO get it every day, but I'd like to push more carefully toward the circuit workout on days I have a lot of rehearsal or teaching and a class on the days I don't.

Good to check in.