Sunday, February 4, 2018

NYI February Check-In

Vitality/ Presence
Purpose/ Intentionality
Contribution/ Embodiment


Presence (Groove/ Connection/ Responsiveness/ Playfulness)
Intentionality (Genuineness/ Curiosity/ Kindess/ Simplicity)
Embodiment (Reflection)

Desired Experiences:
social dancing - swing and house
live music
tap classes
African dance classes
research & performance-reflective writing
physicality every day

I can direct myself more carefully when it comes to several of the above: I intend to go swing and house when Contempo rehearsals are over. And I need to hold myself to that! I just reached out to friends about which live music alert systems they use, so I'm working to better my awareness with that. I intend to get going on class better also, now that my extraneous teaching obligations are over. That said, the classes I want to attend are often at night . . . a good excuse. Whitney often has Saturday classes, and I need to haul ass to those.

Cooking is going ok. I do want to hold my flame more carefully with research (social dance - what does it look like today?!) and writing after I see shows. And yes, physicality every day. I DO get it every day, but I'd like to push more carefully toward the circuit workout on days I have a lot of rehearsal or teaching and a class on the days I don't.

Good to check in.

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