Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This Song

This song had a serious affect on me last week. I've been listing to this album almost exclusively for a couple weeks, and I one time through this song, things just clicked. Sometimes, songs about wandering the world make me feel unfulfilled even when they are meant to do the opposite; there I sit, listening to the singer tell me about seeing the world, which can be pretty uninspiring when you do not have the money to do such a thing.

Or is it just money? I got thinking about the other barriers that I have to such a thing. I do have work that I care for and goals within it. I have friends and family. The first item is the biggest barrier in relation to this idea. My work compensates me at a level that is lower than many other professions may have, but it keeps me happy and inspired on a nearly daily basis. When put in that context, this song opened up for me;

"I've been all around the world trying to find my mind, but every time I try, I say my my my I don't know nothing, but there's nothing that I can't learn . . ."

I've been all around MY world. My world is composed of all the things, consciously or subconsciously, that I've decided I need the most; creating, dancing, building community in a locality, teaching, friendships, love. Realizing this at the forefront of my mind (as I believe I've know this to be true and to let it help operate me on a subconscious level) was freeing. It gave me comfort that I am wandering the world and learning and answering questions on a daily basis. I experienced a huge burst of gratitude for my life and the choices I've made within it after working through these ideas in my mind, and now I attach that feeling to this song. It comes through almost every time I listen to it now.

On an additional personal note, this burst of gratitude was followed by what I am tempted to call a mini-adventure to Wisconsin and Chicago, but I'll revise and say it was an adventure; it was an adventure on the scale that my world (which I have built) would allow. Our adventure was filled with people we love, changes and newnesses in scenery, music, food. It was a great shot of energy and difference into my current life. That freshness, adventure and wander can come in in many ways if you let it. If you do, there's nothing that you can't learn.