Saturday, July 16, 2016

Belief, Purpose, Pursuits

I recently came across a really awesome blog post by a dance friend now working in a branding agency about applying her company's branding strategy framework to her personal life. Given my recent interest in 'lifestyle design' (or whatever other similar term you may want to use), I decided to give this framework of 'Belief, Purpose, Pursuits' a quick shot;

Belief: Love and respect everything: it's all connected (rhythm) actively (movement).

Purpose: To help myself and others love and respect everything to which they are actively connected - oneself, relationships, others, the earth - through the embodiment of music.

Teaching dance
Creating dance performances
Caring for personal relationships
Investing in the moment
Connecting (to myself including by body, others, food, etc.)

I hope to give some additional time and deeper thought to this, but am happy with the start I conjured up this morning!