Wednesday, October 23, 2019

"Expectation Station" by DanceCo.

On Wednesday, October 16th, I had the pleasure of taking in DanceCo.'s "Expectation Station." While this show was, as all their performance work is, geared toward kiddos, I found it totally delightful and totally for me, too! Not sure what that says about me . . . I'm going to choose to believe that it says I'm playful :)

Back to the "totally delightful" idea. This show was delightful in ALL aspects, from the live music provided by local favorite The Roe Family Singers to the meticulous props and costumes to the narrator fresh from Choo-Choo Bob's Train Store Story Hour to the complex yet accessible choreography.

I really appreciated how this show was whimsical and played with the title by having the audience follow a character come head to head with her expectations for her life tied together with train travel, as well as how it tackled big ideas in a way that was accessible to children. From sharing the narrative of John Henry as an African-American hero to addressing how the land for many train tracks was stolen from Native Americans to touching on how being away from home can be not only exciting but sometimes sad, the show had surprising depth for a production aimed at kids.

The performances from the stellar cast were also totally delightful. I left this show smiling from ear to ear, arriving there shortly after watering from my eyes a bit during the "homeward bound" section. It was a feast for the heart, mind, body and soul, and I'm glad I got to check it out.

I'd hoped to write about this production more in-depth, but given my travel to Denton by way of Dallas the next day to teach at the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival and heading to Ames, Iowa to work with Iowa State shortly after, this was my first chance and I've not retained all the details I'd hoped to touch on. I suppose short and relatively general is better than nothin' at all :)

Thank you, DanceCo!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Danceventures #2

in this installment . . .

My jazz improv class - floating on cloud nine still!

The rodeo area at the Stockyards in Fort Worth

The “Love Shack” at the Stockyards - live music is everywhere down here!

Yup. This is what we doin’.

The Botanical Gardens in Grapevine, TX

More class :)

The Fort Worth Water Gardens

More Stockyards



Another from the Botanical Garden in Grapevine

The Harvey House in Denton - more live music!

An Alfred Hitchcock moment in Fort Worth

Downtown Denton

Goofy Happy Erinn :)

Venturing on :)

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Danceventures (Dance Adventures)

I sometimes find myself in the strangest and most delightful of places thanks to dance. In the last two and a half weeks, I’ve bounced to Ames IA, Morris MN and am now headed to Denton TX (by way of Grapevine and Forth Worth). What an October!

Texas was one of the few states I hadn’t been to by the time I’d hit adulthood (thanks for taking us out to see our country, Mom and Dad!). This is my sixth visit since my first in 2012 and my second time here THIS YEAR: the first three were to Dallas (specifically Southern Methodist University for Danny Buraczeski’s “Teaching Jazz Dance” symposiums), the fourth visit was for the National Dance Education Organization National Conference in San Antonio, the fifth was Houston this May for the International Swing Dance championships.

This trip has already been AWESOME (and I’m only 6 hours in from wake time to scrounging up breakfast at the Waffle Way in Grapevine, TX). After some initial worry about how I’d get out of the airport without taking an Uber, I ended up on the brand-spankin-new TexRail, which has lines to Fort Worth and Dallas for a $5 day pass (with several stops along the way, like Grapevine)! Some photo documentation:

Grapevine’s Train Depot Museum (fitting after seeing a show about trains yesterday - more on that later!)

The vibrant morning sun trying to poke through a window on the opposite side of the plane from me - witnessing the sunrise on the plane is one of the redeeming qualities of 6am flights!)

They’re EVERYWHERE!! (if you can look at this and know what I mean, you KNOW what I mean :))


Looks like some Star Wars shit :)

My point stands.

Running into a goofy stranger (well, my goofy Father in Law David, twisting balloons to help make the MEA airport rush more fun!)

The future and the last in downtown Grapevine, TX.

Last Thursday saw me up to Morris MN. Some highlights:

In Starbuck on my way home. Unfortunately, the lefse was under lock and key and I didn’t get to see it!

Yep. Snow. 10/10.

The day after the Trump rally. Oof. Helped me know I wasn’t in the TC anymore.

My totally kick-ass U of M - Morris dancers. I had SUCH a lovely time working with these excellent humans :)

Everything in Morris was indeed just a stone’s throw away.


Obligatory I-94 photo for Kim McAndrews.

How’d I get hooked up with such killer digs? I DID use the jacuzzi every night!

Maroon and Gold  :)

Didn’t get much for pics in Ames IA. Here’s what I got:

The totally beautiful house I stayed in (owner is an Iowa State dance alum :))

Dudley’s Corner - the truckstop where I got just the greasy, home-cooked and delicious lunch I was hoping for. Thought of grandpa John the whole time :)

Go Cyclones! I plan to grab photos WITH the ACTUAL dancers next time I head down :)


Iowa State Textile Museum. A neat place for an emerging clothes nerd.

Take-away snack from a rockin’ co-op. Apparently Newsweek named Ames among the USA’s top 10 places to live recently. I believe it!

With adventures in dance, there is always more to come . . .