Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Signs of Fall

Fall hit me right away when I got here.

Sad thing - I actually was sorry I missed the Viking/ Pack game. Not because I particularly care for football, but watching football is just something you do in the fall.

No job yet. I received letters of recommendation from my teachers at DJD, so I think either today or tomorrow, I will stop in to the potential places to give them the letters and show my persistence.

My legs really hurt today. It must have bee something different within our morning jazz classes yesterday, because I would think that if my legs were going to hurt, they would have already. It could be due as well to the jazz class Monday night that we had not yet had - lots of lung-y sort of movement in that class. Either way, I barely made it through my last night class. They feel better today - here is to hoping that they carry me through ballet and tap.

Good news on the holiday front - I will be coming home for Thanksgiving for sure. I received clearance from my teachers and the artistic director to miss my Thursday and Friday classes so I may go home. Unfortunately, I probably cannot leave Wednesday night, as my class doesn't get over until nine, I would need transport time to the airport, and I am sure there are not any flights that leave that late. I will have to check into it.

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