Saturday, January 24, 2015

Social Engagement

In doing my readings for my Graduate Readings in Dance class today, I felt very clearly why I tend to read theory quickly; for me, it is not nearly inherently as interesting as gathering a couple base points for discussion and enjoying that process vocally and embodied, in the same room, with others. Sitting on my couch alone, reading the thoughts of a singular scholar or author, feels very disconnected from the subject matter of kinetic bodies. I most certainly understand that in order to have shared topics for conversation, people must first gather that information, and that is what we are doing with these assignments in preparation for our Tuesday discussions.

That said, I can also certainly acknowledge and accept that the sitting/ reading/ alone-thinking portion of this process is most definitely the least interesting to me.

Social creature, learning most poignantly as she flits through the woods with others.

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