Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mission - Up to Date?

It seems that I missed something when evaluating my year; the 'Mission' information I keep stored in my master 'LIFE' document (budgets, etc). I want to give it a go;

Artistic Mission:
  • I make opportunities for people to experience the embodiment of music, especially the bump-grind-shift-slide-sweat-connect, jazz-vernacular-groove-driven kind. Be it through choreographing, producing or performing in shows, teaching classes, or historical research and writing, I do this because I believe in the combined power of social physicality, simple and complex rhythm, eye and hand contact, keen listening, personal groove and free improvisation to open people up to history, their own bodies, other people, and inspired dialogue through movement.
  • Reaction: I worked hard last summer to write this, and it holds up!
Personal Mission: (what am I giving to others?)
  • To live with presence, love and balance, remaining mission driven and defining success for and in comparison to myself. 
  • Reaction: Perhaps this can get replaced with this year's resolution: "Embracing and savoring curious presence amid the flux." I had a couple other words and phrases to go with, and perhaps 'defining success for and in comparison to myself' can go on that list, or simply be released into the atmosphere, as I feel its not as relevant right now. That said, it could come on strong after graduation. Maybe I'll add it. Presence; always there. Love; implied by curiosity. I have come to discover that curiosity is more full with the exploration of love. Balance; has come back a lot. Might be a word that sticks around. I believe I can allow my personal and artistic missions to inform one another without being in writing, so perhaps those are changes too. 
I have financial goals listed too, but don't need to air them here. Time to make some shifts to the New Year's post.

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