Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dancer Notes from Tech Rehearsal

RUN #1

KP - exit arch Square can start out a little further
LIGHTS: go right from orange to blue - no white between (all solos)
LIGHTS: shift out of green and into something else when everyone enters after Sara (sooner)
End circle: further ST R
SOUND: Great timing/ louder?

LIGHTS: Look was good when side light got added
Sara: enter group with twists up of KP
LIGHTS: No light upstage of the arch until duets please
LIGHTS: I'd like a cue shift at top of each duet
LIGHTS: no dropping of downstage light
LIGHTS: brighter on Up ST clump after first two duets of three
BSR + SK - more weight share/ hand holds in duet?
BSR + SK: Set up closer to arch at end of duet
SO GREAT! Being more warm will just make your plies deeper
Cut seconds slot throughs deeper
LIGHT: Fade sooner and longer at end

RUN #2

Hands - extend through fingertips!
Great exit KP
Nora - FIRE!
Keep looking over shoulder in first square
Take moment to floor to your corner to not close in too soon!
Sara - good timing on circle - if you have to go that early, do it!
BSR - keep listening for the details in the sax during your solo
Doug - running in for solo looks like Superman, which I love
BSR, Nora and Doug - enter sooner for second square
You are all LIVING IN IT! Enjoy our weird little fictional and abstract world while you can
Square was not center
Lumberjack and superhero-influenced sassy-pantses competing for the title of Feistmeister
BSR - sharper heads in coyotes

Sara - a little further UP ST for beginning - losing your face
Sara - leave a little sooner
Sara and Doug exit - SUPERPEOPLE!
Entrance - SOONER DOUG!
BSR - be not afraid of pause and suspend
BSR + Sara - track that end of duet!
Slots - could still be a little deeper, but I loved Doug hugging wall!
Joy with one another at end!
FADE: Start as soon as they start moving to ST R com

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