Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This post isn't going to have much for eloquent words or deeply-thought out ideas. Rather, it is just going to celebrate that, after many a roadblock here in Calgary, some of said blocks have lifted to give me some really great opportunities!

- Writing for Fast Forward, Calgary's version of the Citypages. Check out my article at http://www.ffwdweekly.com/article/arts/dance/community-of-performers-2876/
This one was not that difficult - I emailed the editor expressing interest in writing, he asked for samples, I provided them, he liked them, I wrote, it got published. Sometimes, it is just nice when things work out the first time!

- Calgary Arts Development Internship: Basically Calgary's Springboard for the Arts, I am helping CAD develop their websites and Christmas arts campaign. It is great to have another place and other projects to be involved in. Check out some of my work at www.christmasincalgary.com

- Live and In Synch: This is the touring kids show for DJD. After so many stumbles trying to find legal work in this city, it is amazing to finally have source of income (well, I will in February), making me feel a bit more at ease with the financial situation. But the money is not nearly the most exciting part - the most exciting part is to have the opportunity to perform professionally for a company I respect so much.

- Alberta Dance Explosions: I found out today that the festival to which I submitted a piece of choreography a few weeks back accepted me for their show in February. Alberta Dance Explosions is a tradition here in Calgary, put on by dance institution Dancer's Studio West. I am so excited to have the opportunity to show my work here in Calgary!

To sum it up, things have gone well here the last few weeks, dictating the fact that the next few months should also go pretty fantastic! I am honestly relieved to be returning a bit to my more scheduled self, but not at the rate that I had been before leaving Minneapolis (I think I have learned my lesson. At least I say that right now!) I am so fortunate and grateful to have opportunities that give me things to think about, care for, and spend time on, pushing me further within the things I love.

Happy day.

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