Sunday, July 21, 2019

Trappings: Guiding Intentions

Tried for a mission statement a couple months ago and that didn't quite feel right . . . the word 'mission' doesn't do it, and 'statement' really doesn't either . . . my way of gathering this has continued to shift throughout the years, though the fact that I DO gather it has stayed consistent.

I like the word 'Intention,' and the idea of something that 'Guides,' though don't know that these words encase it either . . . perhaps leaving this diagram of sorts to do it's own work is what's best. I will say that I'm still sitting with what it feels like to have omitted the word 'Contribution,' as I feel purpose sort of implies that . . .

Some related 'how I Summer' trappings (related in the way that they have to do with how I cultivate my vitality and use it toward purpose): 
  • I'm thinking perhaps it's a better goal to try for hiking with a dip in water at the end than to try for beaches in the summer - I don't necessarily love the 'laying there,' and am looking to get in more hiking/ woods/ physical activity. If I choose my locations carefully so they have water to go into, and take care in doing enough planning to leave enough time, I think this would be time better-spent. 
  • I do miss the stuff we used to always do in the Summer when I was a kid (mowing the lawn, BBQ Days, etc.), though am now doing a lot of other things I never had (like Saints games and mowing my own lawn!), creating my own traditions. Thought processes like these are where it's important to remember that not everything is every year, and that I'm learning to relish things taking the time they need rather than trying to shove too man activities into potentially to small a sliver of time.
  • I got thinking this week about how I tend to go into Summer thinking it's time to relax, unwind a bit, slow down and see friends. I believe I think this because 1) a lot of PEOPLE do take this tack, and 2) it sounds really great! That said, I never seem to remember that summer is always a pretty thick work season for both me and Kris. When I shared this with him, he noted he has always thought of summer as a thick work season and will continue to. It was helpful to me to be able to assess our outlooks (and their accuracy!) together, as it gives me insight as to how to best operate next to one another through such times. It helped me figure out that while I should still expect to work a lot (unless something major in my professional pursuits changes, which after thought, I don't think will), I also wish to put major effort into spending time with family, close friends and one on ones with people I cherish but don't see much. It helps to know that Kris is content with working while I go hang with friends, and that we just need to remain in communication to be sure we see one another as well :)
I think that's that for those trappings. I had hoped to sit down on the early end of yesterday morning, and then instead on the early end of this morning to do this kind of writing, but intense conversation and a late night (begrudgingly and willingly) won out on both. So here I am at 3:30pm on Sunday.

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