Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year Intentions - 6th and Final Step

New Year Intentions 2019

WHY -->         HOW -->                       WHAT
Vitality            Presence                         Growth-Inspiration
Purpose           Simplicity-Complexity  Relationship-Creation
Contribution   Embodiment                   Danced-Contribution   . . .

Practice kindness

Embrace noticing as the path to gratitude (Cain)

Value the complexity-simplicity continuum as the beautiful human puzzle

Expect undulation of commitment level and change in conditions (ex: balancing RS & freelancing)

Protect the time before 9:30am

Label where & when on writings

Expand yourself for wellness, joy and growth:

daily physicality outside career (class, tap-yoga-circuits)
cook often
reading, podcasts and videos on topics of interest
connection with loved ones
social dancing (Dance Church, swing, Sun sessions)
live music (buy tickets ahead)
camp three times

Write and post reactions to live music and dance shows

Donate 1% of income

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