Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Years Intentions

I create my own reality . . . Perception

Vitality | Purpose | Contribution


What I'd like to both give and receive/ how I'd like to approach the New Year:
  • Awe
  • Whimsy
  • Prosperity
  • Empathy
  • Love
What I'd like to experience in the New Year:
  • Dance classes in the styles of my interest (African, Afro-Modern, Tribal Fusion, House, tap, hip-hop styles/ plan weekly)
  • Social dancing (swing nights, House nights, Hipshaker, Hotpants, Worldwide Discotechque/ alone and then get people there?!)
  • Regularly writing/ creating about these experiences (as research/ next morning writing session)
  • Teaching classes and producing shows (engage people with the embodiment of music/ it's my job!)
  • Regular creation (of nuggets or pieces of choreography/ self-directed when not working toward a show)
  • Travel (planned - CO, May trip, NDEO national conference)
  • General horizon expansion (possible on a daily basis/ if you let it be . . . Perception)
  • Live music/ with friends (updated by JamBase!)
  • Continued development of balance
Where I want to go in the New Year: 
  • Colorado (in April to visit friends - ticket booked!)
  • Big Trip (in May, hoping for Greece or Norway!)
  • NDEO National Conference in San Antonio (in November - dates are on my calendar, working on a proposal)
What I want to learn in the New Year: 
  • About the dance and music forms I love for continued progress
  • Potential discovery of new to me and related dance and music forms
  • About food, specifically production, digestion and nutrition, and how to work that information into my cooking
What I want to change in the New Year: 
  • Interrupt the ease with which I opt out while keeping balance

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