Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Next Journey Around The Sun: 2016 New Years Resolutions



simplicity   complexity

stillness   motion

contentment   advancement
inner   outer
spontaneity   planning
desire   expectation
detachment   commitment
routine   sporadic
boundless   limited
unsustainable   sustainable
change   habit
pattern   randomness
disengagement   engagement
inaccessible   accessible
gratitude   concern
helping self   helping others

not opposite, spectrum
not mutually exclusive, spectrum
not obvious or only, spectrum

everything has always
is always
will always vibrate to live
atoms, frequencies, objects, people

Out of my new years reflections this year came the intention to embrace these concepts. The above image is my current way of reflecting all of this together in one gaze. Is it ideal? Probably not. Will it change? Probably. Given the content, both of these ideas are fitting. This is the most fluid new years reflection/ resolution outcome I have ever had. My initial illustration was more to take in than the above and it sort of stressed me out, though that is reflective of all these ideas too (my ability to handle complexity, my wish to, the idea that complex = too much instead of just what it is). Much to mine from these ideas. 

Cheers to 2016!

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