Friday, May 16, 2014

Paonia #3 . . . and done.

Friday is here.

Time to leave this Colorado mirage. Before we go, a couple more photos;

Bailey taking photos outside the theater.

Our sweet theater space. It is used for classes, workshops, and performances. It needed a little doctoring to be ready for some big, physical dance, but we made it happen. Thanks to Sonya for being ladder monkey and helping three stage lights (yes, three, in addition to the overhead light on the stage) make our show look great!

We ended up using the (small) stage space, as well as the floor. It worked pretty great!

There is the stage. A pretty nice size for a solo musician!

And the fucking trippy bar we went to after the show! It was called Linda's 3rd Street Bistro. Linda was a character. She was playing outlaw country music, wearing a cowboy hat, and apparently opens whenever she feels like it. There were more random nicknacks than I've ever seen, and a 'back room' that you have to ask to go see. It's full of lingerie!


It certainly has been a trip. One more set of classes this morning at Paonia Elementary, and we are on the road back to Boulder. I'll be sad to say goodbye, but am ready to make my pit-spot in Boulder before arrive home to the beautiful Twin Cities for the summer!

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