Saturday, March 29, 2014

Grateful for Goodness

It's all over. Personal growth. Good conversations. Silly times. History and renewal all packed into the same packages. Open them up and eat!

I had such a great little trip to Milwaukee. I am grateful for great friends, good conversation, tasty gluten-free beer, funny tour guides, kitschy breweries, aged cheese, my tummy putting up with abuse, long drives, detours for non-existent Bloody Mary Holy Grails and opportunities to share this information with people thinking that they might care (and it not really mattering whether they do or not :)).

I'm even grateful to have to leave all this to go back to school tomorrow. I have not yet been able to get my brain around that (and I haven't really tried). I've been fortunate to have a longer break than normal, and will get to change my routine as soon as I get back to it by going to ACDFA next week, yet I still get these feelings. Hard to leave. I know I'll be grateful to be back to it when I am. For now, I suppose I'll just enjoy what I'm doing in the moment. Constantly striving for that :)

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