Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh Beautiful, Water-Logged Boulder

According to relief maps, my roommates and I are situated right in the middle of the higher point of an 'island' of land that is between two major water-ways, Skunk Creek and Boulder Creek. Both are raging like white-water rapids right now! Below I have included some of the images I have come across in my minimal travels from the last few days.

The craziness began on Wednesday night, by which it had been raining for two days already. The CU Campus Alert System must have sent 6 texts/ emails throughout the night, the middle of which informed us that campus would be closed the next day (Thursday). It turns out that campus has remained closed, and will through tomorrow too (Saturday). This has been devastating timing for me, as this week has been my first big hurrah as CU Dance Events Coordinator. I am helping coordinate the week-long residency we have been holding featuring Irish choreographer John Scott and two of his dancers from NYC, and we were to be opening a show featuring a new work by him for the CU dancers, one of his solos, and a duet for his two dancers. But alas; natural disaster. Tonight's opening show is cancelled, tomorrow is too, and Sunday is looking rough. I am SO disappointed. I suppose this has been a good reminder that we humans cannot control everything around us :)

Boulder Creek 9/12/13

Boulder Creek 9/12/13

Video of Boulder Creek 9/12/13

Some sad lookin' equipment 9/12/13

The mass of water gathering at the foot of my bedroom wall :(

Me bein' crazy

The veritable brown-water rapids rushing in a block down from us

The unplugged jam we caught at Blues Greens Blues Bar next to our apt. when the power went out!

Crazy-ass-fools in Scott Carpenter Park, next to Boulder Creek 9/13/13

Boulder Creek in downtown Boulder with ominous clouds whisping the Flatirons 9/13/13

More a dat

More a dat + big-ass downed tree


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