Sunday, August 26, 2012

Settling In

Wow. I remember how close a friend this blog was when I moved to Canada. I wrote a post practically every day for a month, and after that, at least a couple a week. My habits clearly slipped upon returning home, and now I find myself again, sitting with this blank page and making it .... not blank. I'm not sure if when I chose to write on here, I think someone may read it. There is something that makes me decide to make this publicly accessible, instead of hidden in my journal. During my last move, it WAS a handy tool for those who actually tuned in to this to catch some details about my life changes. Perhaps this will be the same way. I DO have some subscribers I guess :)

It is strange to think that unlike my last move (I guess Chicago isn't really counting in this context), this will not be my only outlet to writing. In fact, I will be spending an inordinate amount of time writing and analyzing the writing of others. That is very exciting, particularly considering that it will all be writing about dance. A strange lack of feeling on this day before classes; the day before the start of each year of my undergrad, there was an amount of 'oh god, here we go again.' I am not feeling that way today.

I do not know if it is because I am just not entirely certain what I am getting into, or if it is because it's all dance, all the time. I think it's the last one :)   I actually brought book I borrowed from my advisor with me on the bus yesterday because I wanted to read it for pleasure! I feel so much more invest now in dance, because I have had the chance to really define on my own what I think is important, and can make a lot of my own plans now for how I am going to share my thoughts. I am feeling strangely content today, though can feel that this content-ness is about to get dropped on it's head when classes start.

Not much more beyond for now. Business as usual. Take the morning, hold it in your hand, and mold it to what you need. GO!

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