Sunday, May 29, 2011

Artist-Acquired Skills and Abilities

Yes. Not 'Hidden Skills,' not 'Invisible Skills,' as I have been describing to my loved-ones around me. Time to start getting game on talking about this stuff. The not only legitimate, but unique and needed skill sets that artists seem to cultivate.

Let me get specific; what I have cultivated;

- Contract Negotiation
- Management: Front of House, Stage, Event
- Programming: Imagining, developing and seeing into successful fruition original programs
- Internal and External Communication Flow Management
- Project Management: Creation and management of objectives, timelines, staff and evaluation
- Scheduling: Managing multiple lines of schedule effectively for both individuals and groups
- Booking: Managing initial contact, booking, gathering of detail and follow-up of multiple groups in multiple spaces
- Spokesmanship
- Public Relations Strategy
- Financial Management: Developing and managing project and operational budgets

These are just 'things I do.' Many more already accomplished, and many more soon to come. Just working to get it all into terms that translate!

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