Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thunder Bay Is a Shithole.

Well, it's true.

Good thing that did not stop me and my partner in crime (also known as me brother, yar) from spending hours of our precious time over the course of two days to drive on up for one soul reason - Tim Hortons. Though this trip prompt our over-use of the word 'awkward' for two days straight, this sort of strangeness can be deemed a virtue in the eyes of us two weirdsmobiles, so we found joy in whatever we could.

The country store where we bought home-made sausage and asked for some tin-foil.

The whole-foods co-op where we rocked lunched out hippie-style.

WE HAVE ARRIVED! Canadian greatness at it's best; Tim Hortons.

Thunder Bay's deepest thinker. Pondering breath mints.

A shiny Saturday morning in downtown Thunder Bay.

But despite its rough exteriors, beauty can be found there.

And here, too.

So while the added bonus of Reilly finding a new friend,

And me a new pair of earrings, in addition to our Tim Hortons, may not make this trip seem real valuable . . .

The true joy was found in the long stretch of open road I got to enjoy with my brother.

There's good times, right there.


Kim said...

You are stuck with that weirdsmobile for life!

The Edge Columns said...

Was looking for Thunder Bay shithole photos. Thanks. It is a shithole and getting worse. Forgot to take pictures when I was there last.