Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

My yearly ritual of creating New Year's Resolutions is again complete. Below is the product of my toiling - hope something in here inspires you too!

New Years Resolutions 2010
Set to "Soweto" by Abdullah Ibrahim

- Dedicate time and resource toward living the way you wish
- Spend more time actually enjoying your senses
- Establish a morning routine
- Personal style = doing what feels good

- Allow personal and professional interests to blossom and inform one another
- See life as a fluid stream of happenings that you are both informed by and inform
Trust your instincts
- Be actively present in the world around you
- Embrace change in yourself and others as simply another way in which the world unfolds
- Seek out a sense of groundedness that serves as both a base for adventure and a point of balanced return
- Allow space for moment to become what they will, free of limitation


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