Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Much/ Not Much

I feel like it is really easy to respond 'oh, nothing,' when you are asked what is new. There is always something new, but it is just a matter of whether or not you think the person asking will care about the response. I realized this as I was about to type an email to Kim, unsure of what to update with, until I started writing, and noticed that the email was about two pages long. With Kim, I know she is interested in whatever I have to say. Not so with everyone, so I often find myself subconciously passing over thoughts in conversations. Kris is also like Kim - I actually found myself wondering what I would update him with when he called yesterday, and once again noticed the words flying out of my mouth. I guess it just really depends upon the person.

I am excited at the prospect of visiting family. I hope to be in touch with Tim and Connie (in Montana) shortly, so as to set up a visit for dinner over an upcoming weekend. It has been so long since I have seen them that it would be great to see a long-lost, yet familiar face.

I have spent some brain energy lately hoping that everything will pan out with le job. I have already worked twice and been to a meeting, and my boss called today to respond to an email about getting me on the schedule for the rest of the run of a current show, but I cannot help but wonder where the paperwork is at. It has not been mentioned of the theater's own accord when I am there - I have had to ask. And when I do ask, I am told that it is taking a bit longer because my bosses boss must sign the paperwork as well. I just do not want to end up having worked several shifts, several hours thinking I am going to receive a pay-check and not have it pan out. This is not to say that I do not intend to volunteer there if it does not work out (I do intend it), but I do not want to get caught up thinking I have earned money when I really haven't. I just hope this sorts itself out quickly so I do not need to waste more thought on it.

Just finished 'Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill' by Jessica Stern. An extremely interesting read. In light of another book that I have read recently ('The Great Good Place'), I have found a Third Place - Cafe Beano, down several blocks on the same avenue as the studio. I had actually been before when I came in 2006, and the title of the shop stuck with me because my dad's nickname for my mom is 'Beano.' In fact, I think I took a picture of it for that reason. Anyway, I ended up having three random conversations within a span of about half an hour, and enjoyed them all, so I figured this comes down as fair assessment that this is in fact a Third Place (and they have kick-ass coffee). Though it is not within walking distance to my home (a qualifier), I can overlook that in light of the other factors. Fantastic.

I had an interesting club experience on Sunday. I will not go into huge details, as I have already done so in my own journal, but I will say that it was an interesting combination of positives and negatives. Positives; crazy dancing, time outside of dance and house with roommates, genuine strangers willing to dance crazy, dressing slightly ridiculous on purpose and loving it (and the looks it got from the pretty people), etc. Negatives; racist, bitchy, full of themselves pretty girls on the dance floor (everywhere, really), objectification of women bartenders via a catwalk contest and manditory underwear and bathrobes as a part of their 'Rehab Sundays' promo, skeezy male bartenders, people trying to hard to impress one another. Nothing super out of the ordinary, but interesting all the same.

I got some plans for the rest of the week/ weekend; surrey app, talk to surrey MA program director on the phone tomorrow (whoop!), letter to mandy, Dance Explosions app, choreography, library, (work?), call Tim and Connie, finances, election research, Be's bday celebration, conference with Jamie.

Oh, lists.

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